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About MEI Hearing Aid Center

We are a division of Michigan Ear Institute specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. We have 18 staff audiologists. 1 Hearing Instrument Specialist and work closely with 9 Neurotologists. The MEI Hearing Aid Center services both adult and pediatric populations.

Our practice is medically based and is an education site for medical residents and audiology students from various universities.

We participate with most insurances, are AudioNet providers, and participate with TruHearing. We offer 12 month, interest free financing through Wells Fargo.

Audiology and Hearing Aid Center

The Michigan Ear Institute’s audiology staff possesses an outstanding clinical resume. Areas of expertise include diagnostic hearing evaluations, treating single sided deafness, tinnitus, hearing aid selection and fitting, aural rehabilitation and cochlear implants. MEI staff is well rounded in various hearing aid technologies, types, and styles including wireless blue tooth. Custom fitting and modern diagnostic testing ensure a good match between the hearing impaired patient and their hearing aid. In addition to hearing aids, tinnitus maskers and tinnitus tapes and CD’s are also made available. 

Hearing Disorders

Conductive and sensorineural hearing losses are types of hearing disorders which can be identified with hearing tests. Both of these types of hearing losses are treatable. Conductive hearing loss can be treated with surgical intervention, conventional hearing aid, or an implantable device. Nerve deafness can now be treated with hearing aids or, if severe, with cochlear implantation. Occasionally, certain medicines can be used to improve hearing losses depending on their type, onset, and severity.

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